Randy Ray Hester
    660 Gateway Ct Apt.D2
    Lawrence,  KS    66049
Phone: (785) 393-7003
    E-mail: rhester@WeRDigital.com



Summary of Qualifications

I have been programming professionally since 1992 and have programmed as a
hobbyist since I was 12 years old. I have built many application using C, C++, VB, VC++,
VB.NET, COBOL, RPG, C#, GeneXus Windows and Web applications.  Also I used and helped develop The Ken Orr Institute's Next Practice Methodology (NPM) an update to the Warnier/Orr (DSSD) methodology to gather requirements for Application development and process re-engineering.


Work History

RxCrossroads  Feb. 2007 - present

Applications Developer

WeRDigital.com  Jan 2007

Owner Consultant

Kansas Department of Transportation  March 2006 - Dec. 2006

Applications Developer 1


The Ken Orr InstituteTopeka, KS   December 2000 Aug 2005
Software Developer Consultant  


      Projects Include:


Pharmaceutical Warehouse Jun 2003 Oct 2003

Developed Patient tracking system.

System used to track patients drug therapy program including financial aid, nurse training and prescription maintenance System included Sales rep web interface and web reporting.



         Design new system based off of 3 existing systems combining functionality of all 3 systems into one design.

         Create user interface and database based off of new design.

         Create data conversion programs to load existing data into the new system.

         Built Web interface for several web report.


C#/SQL Server  (Generated with GeneXus Development tool)

Axxcel Debt. Nov 2003 Jun 2004
Development of software product for commercial sale - Private Organization -
Involves developing a commercial product for a new firm in the personal
finance application space.  System used by consumers to manager their finances and get out of Debt


         Design Access database

         Develop and code user interface

         Created end user setup.


VB.Net/Access database

Kansas DOT Jun 2003 - Dec. 2003
Conversion VB/Access application to VB.NET/Oracle - State Government - this
project involved the planning/requirements/design and implementation of a
Win-based application from a desktop application to Win/Oracle implementation.

Created VB.Net application for KDOT Disadvantage Business Enterprise system.  System keeps track of Contracts DBE utilization and goals as well as Training and EEO enforcement.


         Create Oracle database from existing Access design.

         Make database changes to accommodate new functionality.

         Create user interface based off of existing Access forms.

         Make modification to user interface based on user requirements.

         Create data conversion programs to load existing data into new system.

         Created several report using Crystal reports.


Ken Orr Institute Dec 2000 - Present
Business Process/Enterprise Architecture Tools - Software Engineering
Organization This project involved the design and development of a state-of-the--
art toolset for Agile Requirements and Agile Development. It involves the
integration of two modeling and database design tools into a single common
meta-data framework. This tool has involved the development of complete GUI
screen layout/data structure editor, a database generator, a workflow
generator programmed in C++ with COM interfaces.


         Designed and built interface to take data from Provision and import it into a GeneXus KB and GeneXus Workflow KB.

         Interface included.

o        Ability to take screen designs from a screen design tool and automatically create a GeneXus transaction.

o        Ability to take a Provision swim lane diagram and add it to a GeneXus workflow KB.

Kansas DOT. 2002 - 2004
Database Architecture/Metadata Support - State Government - this project
involved the development and support of a series of tools to support a major
application development effort. Developed a database analysis toolset that
would allow for the documentation of all delta changes made through a series
of state-of-the-art application and database development tools.


         Design and Coded application that stored Enterprise Architecture Metadata including Database design.

         Created reports that reported the changes made to the metadata.

         This system was a series of small applications that allowed use to keep track of the Enterprise Architecture and related data.

         Most of this was done using GeneXus.

Expert Witness Support - Law Firm - Analysis of database environment of a
large application system as part of an expert witness case. This involved the
re-engineering based on partial documentation of two major databases.


GeneXus Inc., Topeka, KS   May 1998 - December 2000
    Consultant GeneXus programmer.


    Projects include. All are GeneXus applications


State Gov. New Mexico. Creating a secure client for Birth certificate printing.



Corp Client. Developed RMA product return system.



Corp Client. Developed early lease termination system.

RPG  AS/400


Corp Insurance Co. Developed Easy Tracker systems for tracking company reps calls and policy quotes. Web.

CSQL Web/SQL Server


State Gov. State of Michigan.  Java Web/Oracle, VB/Access, LDIF/VB/Access. Acted as Database Admin, Using GeneXus to maintain agency database and create Web interface to access Oracle tables. Also created app to help maintain agency wide metadata for Application and database which included GXPX a VB/Access database program to keep track of database changes and which programs accessed changed data elements.  LDIF reader which imported LDIF files and displayed its contents in a tree.  Also built script to move data from the old database to a new database using Microsoft transformation utility.

Java Win and Web/Oracle


Southwest PublishingTopeka, KS   January 1997 - January 1998
MIS Manager.  
Responsible with managing daily operations of programming department and
helped in selecting alterative software and platform for production jobs.
Converting production operations from Mainframe to Network environment.  Developed Warehouse application and nightly profit/lose application for shift production reporting.  GeneXus VB/SQL Server   


GeneXus Inc.Topeka, KS   May 1996 - January 1997
Tech Support.  
Responsible for support for a major application development tool. This
involved providing nationwide support for a state-of-the-art database design
and application generation toolset.




Southwest PublishingTopeka, KS   September 1995 - May 1996
Worked on Production jobs and Software development to support production.
COBOL, C++, Visual Basic.


Southwest PublishingTopeka, KS   November 1992 - September 1995
Hourly Employee.  
Work off and on during summer and breaks while going to school as hourly



2 1/2 Years Washburn University CIS.

GeneXus Basic

GeneXus Advanced